Tela Social offers Web-based Digital Signage Solutions for Internal Communications, Corporate Web TV, Menu boards and custom solutions

Tela Social brings web interaction to the Web TV landscape. Our communication solution helps companies to launch interactive online channels using full-HD internal TV screens. It's a communication system tailored for spaces — enabling a new level of awareness and interaction with users, as it seamlessly displays custom content and social feeds from the Web.

We offer solutions that helps companies to communicate better with their users at their local communities. Tela Social is reinventing the TV experience since 2009 as we beleive in technology that helps us build value. Our custom solutions can help you reach a new level of communication with your users — in a variety of scenarios in public and semi-public spaces such as lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, and more.

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An internal communications tool

The white paper from PTI Science Park in Brazil

"The technological architecture employed is mainly based on web standards, specifically the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which are the technological standards supported by browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, among others. Based on these standards, we propose a dynamic, interactive and compatible solution with the web resources that are used on daily basis by the Park’s users in their internal and external communications, such as using e-mail, creating HTML contents and multimedia resources such as graphic images. " — Veronezi, Zancanaro & Delai, 2013; A New Concept for a Corporate News Board.

Technology platform

Web standards at the core of Tela Social

The technology behind Tela Social uses a Web Engine and modules which are specific for an indoor user experience. Our project is a Powered by Mozilla and uses a Gecko architecture to bring real time content to high definition TV appliances.

"This article covers a Web project that rethinks how TV appliances can be used in public spaces for real-time content and interaction with social networks. Tela Social is a powered by Mozilla system application that runs in Linux appliances and creates a visual experience that presents custom and interactive content with real time data using the Web" Galli, Dashboard Experience using a Web Engine @ Mozilla Hacks